Who is C++

Since Dennis Ritchie say hello world with C he was starting to create our future. For now we can see our android, mac, windows, symbian, firefox, playing with us. And tell me who is C++? the man with big aim to enhance application development, show the way with his programming language, he is Bjarne Stroustrup. A Danish boy who challenge us with class on C language.

To day we see the great invention was force us to deploy an faster, and secure apps. Here we go time to show your ‘hello world’ with C++.

Do not be afraid your first step will come


day 2: kambing say ‘Hello World, I’m Ruby Programmer’

in my recent post, i have posted how to make sure that you have Ruby machine on your system. now let’s go ahead, to see what the wonder full of Ruby. may be you need to create a folder named ‘pickaxe’ (or what ever you want) on your directory. then let’s open our terminal then placed on your ‘pickaxe’ folder.

$ cd ~/pickaxe

so, what the next? well one you have opened your terminal. you can back to your desktop and go to your ‘pickaxe’ folder then create new file calling it ‘greeting.rb’ (or what ever you want). then open it on your favorite text editor like notepad ++. then we started to code.

puts “Hello world, i’m Ruby programmer”

puts “It is now #{Time.now}”

when you have passed all, you can started to run with your terminal by typing this command

~ /pickaxe$ ruby greeting.rb

and you will see the result must be like this

Hello world, i’m Ruby programmer
It is now 2013-10-19 01:17:38 +0700

oh, no! are you can’t see that? go back and check your script slowly, one by one. make sure that you have typed correctly. then try to run again.

aye, let’s see what the simple thing that we’ve done.

1. puts “something here” => thats command will order to our machine for showing something to our screen.

2. #{Time.now} => the ruby’s function that allow you to see the current local time on your machine setting.

well, if you find some embarrassing with your first Ruby, you may leave comment, and i hope, i can solved your case.


day 1: kambing learn ruby

first you need to install ruby. actually on your system have containing it. if you are ubuntu users you are can check it by open your terminal and type $ ruby -v. you might surprised if have already done. but if you didn’t see anything you can install it by type¬† this command:

>> $ sudo apt-get update

>>$ sudo apt-get install ruby

if you are like to specified the ruby version just add >>$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.3 (or others version that you like to install)

when you’ve done. you can check your ruby version with $ruby -v